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Unlock on Touch

Version: 1.0
Author: behippo
Contact: gamer@silverlock.org
Website: http://www.silverlock.org/oblivion/
Elder Scrolls Forum Thread: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums.index.php?showtopic=XXXXXXXX

Five scrolls can be found at Mach Na's Books in Cheydinhal which teach five Open on Touch spells, rather than the traditional Open on Target spells.  There is a scroll and a spell for each Alteration level of mastery:

Scroll Spell Level Open Level, Magicka, Gold
First Lesson of Itan-Ro Unlock Very Easy Lock Novice 7, 5, 25
Second Lesson of Itan-Ro Unlock Easy Lock Apprentice 20, 20, 100
Third Lesson of Itan-Ro Unlock Average Lock Journeyman 40, 50, 250
Fourth Lesson of Itan-Ro Unlock Hard Lock Expert 80, 125, 625
Fifth Lesson of Itan-Ro Unlock Very Hard Lock Master 99, 250, 1250

The scrolls can be found on the first floor of Mach Na's books, on the bottom shelf of the bookcase to the left and behind Mach Na's counter.  They can be purchased from Mach Na.

To learn each spell you must:
    - Read the spell from your inventory
    - Have an Alteration level of Mastery one level below what is required to cast the spell.

The Novice and Apprentice spells may be learned by anyone.  You must be an Apprentice to learn the Journeyman spell; a Journeyman to learn the Expert spell; and an Expert to learn the Master spell.  You may still not cast the spells until you reach the requisite level of mastery.

Once the spell has been taught to the player the value of the scroll is reduced to 5.

Put HippoUnlock.esp in the Oblivion\Data folder and select HippoUnlock.esp in the list of data files when launching Oblivion.

None known.  Could conflict with other mods that place items on the same shelf in Mach Na's books.


1.0        14 July 2006
Initial release.  Adds 5 scrolls to Mach Na's Books that teach 5 Open on Touch spells.

Thanks to barnabas711 for making the request for Open on Touch spells.
Thanks to Guidobot for the idea of reducing the value of a book after a spell is learned from it.
Thanks to the Oblivion Mod community for such great ideas, mods and support.
Thanks to Bethesda for making a great game.